7 Musts For Your Weekly To-Do List

Welcome to 2017!  Because 44% o resolutions involve organization and self-improvement, January is “Get Organized Month”.  Follow these easy tips to manage and achieve your weekly to-do list!

1) Remember To Keep it simple

Keep your list short and simple – you don’t need to write out every step for achieving your goals or make a list with 45 items on it.  Keep your list limited to 3 items per day or less.

2) Give Yourself an Easy “In”

Start your day by checking something off your to-do list is.  Make the first item on your list something you can accomplish first thing in the morning, and let that lend momentum to the rest of your day.

3) Plan Ahead

Always prepare your to-do list in advance.  Set aside 1-2 hours for “planning” every week and make this time a priority.  Play nice music and plan the week out with a calm and relaxed mind.

4) break big projects down

Avoid adding tasks to your to-do list that cannot be completed in the time allotted. A common goal is to reorganize the house, but this isn’t realistic for a single day.  Add a smaller goal, such as “Declutter Closet”.  Once that is complete, add the next small task.  You can accomplish daunting projects much more easily if you take one step at a time.

5) Resolve to make it happen

It’s very easy to let life get in the way – you will get sick or other priorities will come up.  Resolve to make time for the items on your list, and to make them a reality.  Don’t let “I don’t have enough time” ever be an excuse for you.

6) Learn from your mistakes

When life does get in the way, learn from it.  Instead of feeling ashamed for not completing your to-do list, look at it objectively – what can you do to ensure accomplishment next time?  What are ways you can restructure your day before it’s too late?

7) Celebrate when you succeed

People are VERY quick to feel like they have failed by missing a day, but when was the last time you patted yourself on the back for NOT missing a day?  It goes both ways!  Let this motivate you moving forward.

Author: Amber Steward

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