Alzheimer’s Association – Community Spotlight


On December 19, 2016 PromoSpark adopted a 4lb, 18 inch baby boy named Johnston.

It may seem odd for a company to “adopt” a baby – but let us explain, and you may find you want to adopt one too!

This baby is a therapy doll to an Alzheimer’s patient at Arden Courts of Winter Sprints in Winter Springs, Florida.  There has been a lot of research on the benefits of therapy dolls for Alzheimer’s patients, and studies have found that patients in the middle and later stages of Alzheimer’s find therapy dolls comforting.

People with Alzheimer’s disease tend to forget the most recent memories first.  So, having a doll often helps them find comfort in the memories they still have, like raising a child.  The doll provides sensory stimulation and can help improve behavior by reducing aggression and agitation.   As humans, we want to show affection, give love and receive love; therapy dolls provide Alzheimer’s patients a safe way to do that.

When asked about the dolls, Mindy Ross, an advocate for Alzheimer’s Awareness commented “I have seen firsthand how having a therapy doll can truly make a difference to those suffering from this dreaded disease.”

PromoSpark is honored to help provide a therapy doll for Arden Courts, and will continue to provide branded apparel and promotional products for events that support the Alzheimer’s community.

If you’re interested in supporting this incredible cause, we encourage you to visit the Alzheimer’s Association website.


Author: Sarah Johnston

Sarah is a hardworking business owner with big dreams and a bigger heart.  As a mom, wife and business woman – she understands that nothing in life worth doing is easy.




PromoSpark Holiday Outreach

Tis the season to make a difference!  The holiday season is in full swing, and PromoSpark is working with the Butler County Board of Developmental Disabilities (BCBDD) again this year to help bring some holiday cheer to a local family in need.  We have partnered with BCBDD many times in recent years, and are proud to continue our annual participation in their holiday outreach program.

“I love working for a company that places such a high value on community service,” said Rebekah Law, the newest member of the PromoSpark team.

The whole team came together to make this effort possible.  “I was humbled to see the team come together so easily and effortlessly.  We were able to gather the funds to provide the family with monetary donations, coats and even something extra to make their holidays more festive,” one team member stated.

We, at PromoSpark, feel that giving back to our community is just as beneficial to us as it is to those we are endeavoring to help.  Community service is important to PromoSpark, and we are all honored to participate in such an important cause.

“It feels great participating in a program that will bring joy to a family in need during the holiday season,” commented PromoSpark Vice President, Sarah Ellis.

If you would like to learn more about BCBDD, what they do and the services they offer, please visit their website here.

Author: Amber Steward