5 Safety Tips for Holiday Travels

The holidays are closing in, and everyone is traveling.  We wanted to help you prepare with these quick safety tips.  Whether you are flying or driving, these are for you!

1. Keep Your Phone Close


Your phone is used in case of an emergency.  However, it’s also your news source, camera, and web browser.  Keep your phone close, and bring along chargers so you can keep it charged.

BONUS TIP: Check out these great FREE apps for your travels:

  1. Uber – call for a ride when you are left carless
  2. TripCase – keep flight itineraries, alerts and plans organized
  3. Google Maps or Waze – get directions and traffic alerts anywhere

2. Make sure someone knows your itinerary/schedule


Keep someone in the loop.

If you are flying, let them know your airline and any layovers you may have.  If you are driving, let them know the route you expect to take and the stops you intend to make along the way.

BONUS TIP: 9-1-1 doesn’t work everywhere – before you leave, find the local emergency numbers you may need, and save them in your phone.

3. Less is more


Try and keep it to 1 large bag and 1 small bag.  If you are traveling in a group, combine suitcases as much as possible.

You are always less of a target if you have less to hold.

BONUS TIP: Wrap fragile items in clothing.  Limit yourself to 2 electronic devices so it is easier to keep them charged and you have less to keep track of during the trip.

4. Be careful with your money


Purses attract unwanted attention, so avoid carrying them.  Try a travel bag or backpack instead.

Keep a small amount of cash on hand.  If you carry a wallet, get a chain or strap to connect it directly to your pants so it can’t be snatched or dropped.

BONUS TIP: Notify your bank and credit card companies that you are traveling to avoid frozen accounts.  Keep copies/scans of your cards and IDs (front and back) in your phone in case of theft.

5. Plan ahead

Business People Meeting Design Ideas Concept

This has two great benefits – it makes traveling safer but it also reduces stress.

If you’re driving:

  • Keep an emergency safety kit in your car, and have your car checked out before you leave.
  • Keep a paper copy of the directions to your destination and a physical map in case your GPS fails.
  • Plot out hospitals, hotels and restaurants along your way, and plan your stops ahead of time.

If you’re flying:

  • Only carry one bag and keep your pockets empty if at all possible, to make security checks easier.
  • Arrive to your first flight early, and review your carry-on for regulated items before going through security.
  • Map out the airports you’ll be stopping at so you know where your gates and the restrooms are located.

BONUS TIP: Avoid bringing any liquids in your carry-on. Instead, bring an empty water bottle or tumbler and fill it once you’re past security.

Author: Amber Steward

Items you never want to travel without!

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