Business Basics: Customer Service

What feelings do you have when you hear ‘customer service’? Are they negative reflections on a 20 minute hold with your cable company? Maybe a positive memory of a time when someone went above and beyond for you? What you don’t remember is the time someone simply did their job, no better or worse than they should.

The ends of the spectrum from positive to negative are where lasting impressions are made. Follow the below tips to make sure you land on the positive end with your customers.

1. Respond in a timely manner. 

If a customer asks for a quote for 1,000 screen printed t-shirts at 9am on Tuesday, 1pm on Friday is not an acceptable response time. The age of technology that customer will have found someone else. Good rule of thumb: Respond same day even if it means asking if you can get the quote to them the next day. The initial point of contact is essential.

2. Listen.

As the expert, you may want to jump in before you’ve finished listening to your client’s needs. By doing this you potentially miss out on important information, causing a break in the relationship building process with your customer.

3. Proactively offer solutions.

There’s nothing better than receiving a solution to a problem you didn’t know existed. For example, if you know your customer isn’t great at remembering their past orders, create a Dropbox or Office 365 site for them to store important order history information for their reference. This not only shows them you care, but deepens your relationship with them.

4. Accept responsibility for mistakes, and make it right. 

It’s inevitable. At some point an order will go wrong. In the world of custom printed apparel and tight deadlines, it can be challenging to right a wrong. The first step is to acknowledge the mistake and sincerely apologize. Working with the customer to find a solution can be the deciding factor as to whether or not they’ll remain loyal.

5. Be genuine.

Anyone can spot a salesman from a mile away. What separates us from the rest is our genuine interest in our client’s company, event and goals. When it fits, take the time to ask about family or milestones in your customer’s lives. Showing a genuine interest cultivates great relationships and is top notch customer service.

For ways PromoSpark can offer you their exceptional customer service, visit or call 1-800-319-3038.

Author: Sara Linz


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