The Screen Print Process

Screen print, vector artwork and automatic presses are all phrases you’ve heard when dealing with the custom apparel & promo products industry. But what exactly do they mean, and how does screen printing work anyway?

At PromoSpark, we use automatic presses in our print shop to produce high quality, custom printed apparel. The first step in the process is making sure we have vector art.

Vector artwork is created in Illustrator or Corel Draw and is artwork based on mathematical equations so it does not lose any integrity when scaling up or down. Ever zoomed in on a picture only to realize it’s so blurry you can’t make out the details? That’s exactly what we DON’T want to happen when printing your custom apparel!

Vector vs Bitmap Logo

So, we’ve got the vector artwork. Now how do we get it onto your custom shirts?

To put it simply, the artwork is printed to size on a large film. The film is placed along with the light sensitive screen into a large machine where it’s exposed, just like a film camera. The screen is ‘burned’ and what’s left is the outline of your artwork.

That screen is attached to on of our automatic presses, and the ink is applied, the shirt goes through the dryer, and voila! You have a beautifully printed shirt.

Not following? The diagram below might help!


Check out our custom screen printed shirts here for even more information.


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