Industry Info – A T-Shirt Story

From cotton fields in the U.S. to textile and sewing facilities abroad, a t-shirt’s story is all about building communities, inspiring connections and creating new opportunities.

Celebrate the journey of the humble t-shirt in our new video “A T-Shirt Story,” highlighting all the steps it takes to craft this iconic style.


Community Spotlight – Free Throws For Kids

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Free Throws for Kids Mission:
To show hope and God’s love to kids and families at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital in a very practical way.

Each year the annual Free Throws For Kids event brings teams together who raise money benefitting FTFK. Each team signs up to shoot 500 free throws!

The money raised shows hope and love by doing two very special and unique things. First, we SURPRISE hundreds of kids and families throughout the year at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital by delivering care bags that include gas cards, toiletries, books, cafeteria gift cards and more.

Secondly, we will continue to supply the food EVERY month for the Ronald McDonald House salad bar that was donated by Free Throws for Kids in 2015. Each day, over 80 families now have a healthier eating option because of the Free Throws for Kids salad bar.

Families often times will drive hours from out of town to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital for the top rated care for their little ones. Necessities are second thoughts as they care for their sick children, so FTFK provides care bags filled with items like gas cards, toiletries, books, cafeteria gift cards and more. As the parents care for their kids, Free Throws For Kids works to care for the families.

They have delivered hundreds of bags since 2014. All of the funds raised go directly towards providing the bags. There are no paid staff, everyone works on a volunteer basis, including the core committee. Any left over funds go towards bags for next year or other things including providing a salad bar for the Ronald McDonald House in Cincinnati!

To learn more or to donate to Free Throws For Kids, please visit:

…let us not love with words or speech, but with actions and in truth.  1 John 3:18


The Screen Print Process

Screen print, vector artwork and automatic presses are all phrases you’ve heard when dealing with the custom apparel & promo products industry. But what exactly do they mean, and how does screen printing work anyway?

At PromoSpark, we use automatic presses in our print shop to produce high quality, custom printed apparel. The first step in the process is making sure we have vector art.

Vector artwork is created in Illustrator or Corel Draw and is artwork based on mathematical equations so it does not lose any integrity when scaling up or down. Ever zoomed in on a picture only to realize it’s so blurry you can’t make out the details? That’s exactly what we DON’T want to happen when printing your custom apparel!

Vector vs Bitmap Logo

So, we’ve got the vector artwork. Now how do we get it onto your custom shirts?

To put it simply, the artwork is printed to size on a large film. The film is placed along with the light sensitive screen into a large machine where it’s exposed, just like a film camera. The screen is ‘burned’ and what’s left is the outline of your artwork.

That screen is attached to on of our automatic presses, and the ink is applied, the shirt goes through the dryer, and voila! You have a beautifully printed shirt.

Not following? The diagram below might help!


Check out our custom screen printed shirts here for even more information.

Business Basics: Internal Office Communication

Here at PromoSpark, we employ friendly, hardworking people to effectively meet the needs of the customers and keep the office a comfortable and flourishing environment for all.

Communication is key for PromoSpark to thrive. Below are a few strategies to practice to create a happy and productive workplace.

1. Evaluate Email Etiquette

Emails, instant messages and other electronic forms of communication are the #1 means of communication. Without face to face context, making sure your tone reads as positive and encouraging is very important. Read our Business Basics: Email Etiquette post for ways to keep email communication on track.

2. Stop the Gossip

Gossip has no place in the workplace. When rumors are spread throughout the company, morale is lost as well as respect for peers. PromoSpark stands by its pledge to avoid gossip and to create a positive work environment.

3. Reply All

Tying in with email etiquette, remembering to hit reply all is huge. If someone is cc’d on an email you receive, they need to be on the email you send back. Leaving out a key internal rep or sales person could slow down internal processes.

4. Open Up

A key to good communication is openness. No matter your role in a company, it is important to be approachable. Whether it’s leaving your office door open, meaningfully greeting coworkers in the morning or inviting fellow employees to lunch, people are much more likely to collaborate on projects when they feel a sense of connectedness.