Spot Color vs. 4 Color Process Printing

If you’ve ever ordered custom printed t-shirts or promo products with your logo, you’ve probably heard the terms spot color and 4 color process. You probably silently nodded in agreement while your sales person told you which to choose, but not why.

Let’s decipher these together.

Spot color is the term used when screen printing individual, solid ink colors. Say you have a t-shirt design with a pink heart in the middle (Valentine’s day is coming up after all!), you’d be using a spot color to print. You have to use vector artwork design in Illustrator in order to print with spot color.

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 10.29.43 AM

When you have a photograph or an image made in Photoshop, that’s when you’d have to use 4 color process to print. This is just like newspaper print. 4 colors, cyan, magenta, yellow & black, are used to print small dots at different angles to achieve the final result: a beautiful image on your custom printed apparel!

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 10.32.00 AM

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Community Spotlight

Meet the Butler County Board of Developmental Disabilities.

Through their efforts, hundreds of individuals and families are given aid in various ways throughout the year. PromoSpark is proud to be a community partner with them, volunteering and donating goods.


Through events like Fast Breaks (pictured above) and soccer games for young and old (below), Butler County DD continues to support and enable through their FANS network: Friends, Allies and Neighbors.


Jessi Hutson (pictured below), a FANS member, started her own non-profit: You Got The POWER. PromoSpark has worked with Jessi on t-shirts, sock monkeys, wristbands and more to help promote her amazing organization.

_SMPIMG_small_jessi H

For more information or to get involved, please visit:


Business Basics – Email Etiquette


Do you have a coworker who has a heavy hand when it comes to exclamation marks? Unclear in his or her email message? Or perhaps in this day and age it’s overuse of an emoji. It seems as though email etiquette and communication have taken a back seat as more and more job environments go casual.

We can be casual at PromoSpark, but email etiquette and professional communication are key to making sure all orders are fulfilled correctly. Art proofs, sizes, shirt color and quantity are all sent via email between customers and the PromoSpark team.

Some tips that we practice are…

1. Brevity. If you’re reading this sentence you might be looking for a comma or a period coming up soon letting you know my train of thought is about to end however if you do not see a period or a comma I may start to lose you in your own train of thoughts and if you’ve made it this far you probably don’t remember how this sentence even started. Keep sentences brief and on point.

2. The Exclamation Mark. Think about the recipient of your email. If a PromoSpark sales rep is emailing a large client for the first time, it’s best to err on the conservative side. Exclamation marks can come across as yelling or even childish. Wait until you have a relationship with someone or they use one first to add in an exclamation mark.

3. Spelling. I can’t stress enough how important this one is. If you are sending a quote for custom printed polo shirts to a hospital, for example, will it increase or decrease your chances of winning the bid if there are spelling or grammatical errors? Take the 30 seconds and re-read before hitting send.

4. The Sign Off. Depending on the recipient of your email, you can use different phrases to close. ‘Sincerely’ is more formal and works great in an introductory email. A simple ‘Thanks’ is less formal, perfect for internal communication. For more personal relationships, tailor to the person you’re emailing. ‘Have A Great Day!’, ‘See You Soon’ and ‘Blessings’ work if emailing a closer contact.

Have your own tips? Share them in the comments below. Visit to see how we can help grow your business.